Coating class
Two component polyurethane waterproof coating

Product information: This product is a kind of polymer waterproofing coating. It is based on polyether polyol, isocyanate as the main raw material. With hybrid latent curing agent and other additives, temperature dehydration and polymerization reactions are formulated by using a special process, using the coated waterproof layer, through the pre poly body of NCO group based on the moisture in the air for chemical reaction. Rubber waterproof film formed on the surface of the base layer with soft and seamless.

Product characteristics, environmental protection products, convenient construction, a wide range of application. Has obvious superiority to the complex part construction. After curing the formation of seamless, complete elastic waterproof layer, improve the construction of waterproof and permeability resistance, is not up to the coil products. The coating has high strength and elongation, and has strong adaptability to cracking at the basic level and flexible expansion. * maintenance is simple, only to the local repair of damaged parts, can still achieve the original waterproof effect.

main performance index

The construction of rules and matters needing attention and the basic requirements of smooth, solid, not sand, mortar with depression. Before use, stir evenly, the barrel of precipitation for the normal phenomenon, can be used after mixing evenly. And when the brushing will stir in science but at the grass-roots level, scraper evenly spread out, every times coating should be below 0.5 mm, according to the requirements of construction decision times. And thickness of asphalt solvent type coating each brushing times must control in less than 0.5 mm, otherwise the surface membrane after slow evaporation of solvent under, there will be sticky phenomenon. In case of this case, sprinkle a layer of powder on the surface, wipe again again under construction.

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