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Thermoplastic polyolefin TPO waterproof coiled material

Product information:

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) waterproofing membrane (TPO waterproofing membrane) is to ethylene propylene rubber (EP) weathering resistance and heat resistance and polypropylene welding combined with TPO resin as base material. In the early 90's, the construction of the roof waterproof by the way of mechanical fixing. Because it has both the weatherability of the EPDM rubber and plastic waterproof coiled material weldability and reliable waterproof effect, aging resistant performance is outstanding.

Therefore developing rapidly. With its excellent physical and chemical properties and environmental performance, the coiled material has become the fastest growing waterproof material in the world. In the United States, TPO waterproof material has been accounted for 24% of the low grade commercial roofing market in the United States, and the average annual growth rate of more than 23%. In recent years, with the development of mechanical fixed roof system, high performance and energy saving, environmental protection effect of TPO waterproof coiled material in the country also appeared the momentum of rapid development.

Variety specification

The main purpose of the product is divided into

Reinforced TPO waterproof coiled material (H): thermoplastic polyolefin waterproofing sheet reinforced with polyester fiber fabric in the middle of the coiled material.

Back lining type TPO waterproof coiled material (L): thermoplastic polyolefin waterproof coiled material on the lower surface of the coiled material with polyester non-woven fabric.

Homogeneous type TPO waterproof coiled material (P): thermoplastic polyolefin waterproof coiled material without inner reinforcing material or backing composite.

Commonly used specifications

Coiled material thickness (mm), width (m), length (m)

1.0,1.5,2.0 20,30 1.2,1.5,1.8,2.0

production characteristics

1, the use of advanced polymer technology of ethylene propylene rubber and polypropylene will be combined together and both ethylene propylene rubber excellent weatherability and polypropylene can be welded.

2, special formulation technology, no need to add any easy to make the material become brittle plasticizer, does not produce general heat welding coiled materials (such as PVC) due to plasticizer migration and become brittle phenomenon, and maintain long-term waterproof function.

3, excellent resistance to high and low temperature performance, and rubber like materials as in a 50 DEG C still maintain flexibility, maintain mechanical strength at high temperature.

4, chemical resistance, acid, alkali, salt, animal oil, vegetable oil, oil corrosion, algae, fungi and other microbial growth.

5, with excellent root resistant function, can be used as the root resistance coil of planting roof.

6, heat aging, dimensional stability is good.

7, with white light colored surface, smooth surface, high reflectivity, with energy-saving effect and pollution resistance.

8, the composition does not contain plasticizer and chlorinated polymers, welding and use process without harmful gas generation and release, to the environment and human health.

9, take the seam welding construction, can form a high strength and reliable sealing waterproof layer.

10, reinforced TPO waterproof coiled material in the middle of a layer of polyester fiber fabric, to provide high tensile properties of the coil, Gao Silie strength, fatigue resistance, puncture resistance, more suitable for mechanical fixed roof system.

11, back lining type TPO waterproof coiled material under the surface of the fabric, making the material is more easy to bond with the base.

12, homogeneous type TPO waterproof coiled material plasticity is good, can be processed into various shapes after heat, to adapt to the complex node approach.

scope of application

Mainly used in industrial and civil buildings, public buildings and other types of roofing waterproof engineering.

H enhanced membrane is suitable for mechanical fixation or capping the empty shop roof waterproofing system;

L backing coil for base full of sticky or empty shop top roof waterproofing system;

P homogeneous type waterproofing membrane materials used mainly as flashing.

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single layer roofing system

TPO roofing system is refers to the use of monolayer of TPO waterproofing membrane exposed use, with mechanical fixation and full of sticky, empty shop coping ways of construction of roofing systems.

One, TPO mechanical fixed roof system

1, TPO roofing system generally adopts fixed machinery, which is to enhance the type TPO membranes of empty shops in the primary (or has been fixed insulation board), in adjacent to the lower sheet Lap Zone, with mechanical fastening screws and washers are fixed at the grass-roots level and the fixed, the upper membrane covered live under layer coil mechanical fasteners, the upper sheet and the lower sheet of the lap joint is welded with hot air, makes the material are connected into a whole sealed waterproof layer.

Two, TPO full sticky single roof system

The back lining type TPO waterproof coiled material is adhered to the concrete or cement mortar base layer, and the adjacent TPO coiled material is welded with hot air, and the whole single layer roof waterproof system is formed.

Three, TPO / empty shop roofing system

The back lining or reinforced waterproof coiled material is laid on the waterproof base layer, and the adjacent TPO coiled material is welded with hot air, and the coiled material is used as a roof waterproof system of the concrete block or gravel press shop.

System main supporting materials

1, homogeneous type TPO preform.

2, basic adhesive, cutting edge sealing paste, general sealing paste, coil cleaning agent.

3, mechanical fastening screws, gaskets, metal strips and load dispersion rope

Construction points of mechanical fixed single layer system

1, as the base of profiled steel sheet thickness should be greater than or equal to 0.75 mm, and must be a reliable connection with the main structure and inter plate connected to smooth, continuous, and shall not have any sharp protrusions and concrete base should be smooth, dry and no cellular, cracks and other defects.

2, TPO coiled material pre laying: after the laying of the membrane, should be placed 15 to 30 minutes, in order to fully release the internal stress of the membrane, to avoid wrinkling in welding.

3, mechanical fixed lower coil: fixed parts should be arranged in a straight, uniform, fixed parts should meet the design requirements, in the roof surrounding and corner of the fixed parts should be encrypted.

4, hot air welding: the upper layer of coil covering

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