Modified asphalt
SBS waterproof coiled material

Product introduction:

SBS modified asphalt waterproof coiled material is the SBS modified asphalt and ASP, APAO thermal plastic modified asphalt dipping tire based mixed together, using elastic asphalt non-woven fabric as base, cover the surface of the mineral particles produced a traditional type water-proof coiled material.

SBS waterproof material has a good waterproof effect and longer service life, the biggest advantage is that it is very convenient to maintain in the future, and it does not need too much manpower to complete the laying of SBS waterproof coiled material.

Product features:

SBS waterproof coiled material has good waterproof effect, SBS waterproof coiled material as traditional waterproof coiled material products and its waterproof effect in the decades after the market has been continuous improvement, the new SBS modified asphalt waterproof coiled material not only in the original waterproof based upgrade, with the better waterproof effect and long service life.

SBS waterproof coiled material laying method is very simple, the use of hot melt waterproof coiled material can effectively protect the housing waterproof, thermal insulation and other functions.

Key points of construction:

Basic level construction:

Grass roots construction must be clean, to ensure that the basic level of firmness, but also to ensure that the basic level of dry (slightly wet can be), no concave and convex, no foreign body, etc.. If it is found that the base is concave and convex should use tools and cement slurry recess paved or use a fork to destroy the bulge, and repair is flat.

Laying construction:

Laying construction using hot melt construction method for construction, in accordance with the construction sequence of the first far behind the SBS waterproof coiled material laying on the ground. In order to ensure the laying of the quality is guaranteed, in the laying process must be carried out in a timely manner, to avoid the appearance of the muster, bubbles, etc..

Construction matters needing attention:

Rain, snow and windy days may not be more than five of construction; construction of environmental temperature is below 0 DEG C.

Flame heater nozzle distance distance membrane surface should be moderate, heating in the width should be uniform, to coil surface melt to a high gloss black, not excessive heating coil.

Complete protection of the construction site facilities, according to the provisions of the fire equipment.

Scope of application:

SBS waterproof material is widely used in various construction fields, the common houses, factories, underground rooms, parking lots, bathrooms and bridges to prevent seepage, moisture, waterproof and other projects

Matters needing attention:

SBS modified asphalt waterproof coiled material in storage must avoid contact with acids, alkalis, mineral oil, petrolatum and other substances to come in contact with, avoid the use effect of the effect of waterproofing membrane.

Materials used in this product are flammable materials, in the storage and use should avoid direct contact with open flame, avoid accident.

Product from the date of production, that is, the beginning of the effective time, should be in the effective use of the product, to avoid too long time to cause product failure.

In the use or storage, should avoid sharp objects to contact, avoid penetrating or painting on the waterproof membrane, resulting in the failure of waterproof coiled material.

The laying of this product should be in strict accordance with the "waterproof coiled material laying method" to lay, to ensure the quality of laying.

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