Modified asphalt
APP plastic body waterproof coiled material

Product overview

Plastic] APP modified asphalt waterproof coiled material is to app (random polypropylene) or APAO, apo (polyolefin polymer) modified asphalt for dip coating material, to high-quality polyester felt and glass fiber mat for tyre base, with fine sand, mineral grains (film) material, PE film as the cladding material by advanced technology refined from the plastic modified asphalt waterproofing membrane.

production characteristics

- strong impermeability

The high tensile strength, high elongation, good stability of size, shrinkage deformation and cracking adaptability

] high and low temperature resistance performance, SBS is suitable for low temperature environment construction waterproof app for in high temperature environment building waterproof.

The crack resistance, puncture resistance, tear resistance, corrosion resistance, mildew, good resistance to weathering

The construction is convenient, the operation of the four seasons can be hot-melt joint construction, reliable.

scope of application

Waterproof key - waterproof engineering and industrial and civil building roof, wall, basement, bathroom etc.;

The bridges, roads, parking lot, swimming pool, tunnel, reservoir building waterproof;

It is especially suitable for frequent and structural deformation in cold area buildings; pipeline, anticorrosion layer, moisture protection and guarantee.

Hot melt method, cold bonding method and hot and cold combination method

The coiled material can be used for the construction of hot melt method or cold bonding method separately, and the cold and hot combination method can be used for large area cold bonding method.

Hot-melt]: by flame spray gun or a torch alignment coil on the bottom surface of the base and uniform heating and begins to melt and a black light state until the asphalt surface and side while baking shop sticks a material, and roller compaction. At the same time, we should pay attention to adjust the flame size and speed, so that the asphalt temperature is maintained at between 200 - 2500C. After the construction, should reoccupy cold adhesive for lapping edge sealing.

] cold sticking method: using a rubber scraper will polymer modified asphalt adhesive or cold Ma fat cold adhesive evenly painted on the surface of the base, and control thickness uniformity, side layer coil side with rubber stick promotion coil side to exclude air to compaction. When the ambient temperature is below 15 degrees Celsius, the hot melt method should be used to deal with the position of the lap and the head of the coiled material.

Roll roofing

The construction should be before the acceptance of the grassroots clean, the corners of the dust blowing.

The coating substrate treatment agent is uniform, do not repeatedly brushing.

] primary processing, drying agent, firstly, according to the design requirements of the roof waterproofing, waterproofing of underground need to do additional layers of parts of laying additional layers of processing.

Coil the shop posted order and paving direction and at the grassroots level play a line, then spread sticks a material] was determined, the paste of different parts of the coil should be according to the following requirements, construction.

Roof follows: membrane and base point paste or paste; roof surrounding 800mm should paste; slope roof bonding area in more than 70% of the membrane and the membrane asked 100% full paste;

After the basement membrane and the base can: sticky, sticky, sticky or empty shop, but must paste between coil and coil;

When the basement wall between the membrane and base membrane and membrane should be full and paste;

This additional layer: the general part of the paste, deformation of joints allow empty shop.

- paving the order for the first high span, low span; the same height, the first distant past; the same plane, start low paving.

The roof paving direction:

When the gradient of <3% is parallel to the direction of the roof tiles

This gradient is 3% ~ 15% parallel or perpendicular to the direction of paving

After the slope of >1 5% or by vibration to the direction perpendicular to the ridge paving

It is parallel to the roof joint along the flow direction, perpendicular to the roof when the seam paving should conform to the dominant wind direction.

Coiled material lap construction method

The long edge lap: roll longitudinal lap width should be greater than or equal to 80mm, must be careful operation, brushing adhesive should be uniform, not leak painting. Cold sticking method for the side of the coil should be redundant adhesive extrusion. Hot melt method should be formed in the side of a road

Asphalt strip.

The short side lap: roll ends must be bonded. Lap width should be greater than or equal to 1 OOmm. When using polyester tire coil stick or empty shop, two part must be stuck over 500 mm; cold sticking method: adhesive joints should squeeze

A. Hot melt method: the joints should be extruded asphalt.

] with a layer of two adjacent frames coil when the shop is stuck, transverse joint edge should be shifted by one more than 500mm, and two layers of coiled material banned each other vertically paving.

- with shale coil short side lap to get rid of the shale, is heated by the flame with float off part of shale. Can also be used for docking, the method is in the joint at the bottom of the pad 300mm coiled material, the transverse

To deal with sealing material at the seams.

The tiles must be completed, on lap parts, end and coiled material sealing parts. Should be filled sealing material, sealing glue or cold adhesive, and smooth, so as to form a clear asphalt.

Storage instructions

The storage and transport, different types and specifications of the products shall be stacked separately, should not be mixed. Storage temperature should not be higher than 50. C, vertical storage, not more than two layers;

In the process of transportation, material must be stood, stacking height does not exceed two. Prevent inclined or horizontal pressure, when necessary with tarpaulin;

In the normal conditions of transport, storage, storage period from the date of production for a year.

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