Self adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane
Non asphaltic self-adhesive waterproofing membrane

Non asphaltic base polymer self-adhesive water-proof coiled material is waterproof engineering design widely used a kind of new waterproof material; coil with polymer material as a substrate and coated with non bitumen based environment-friendly polymer self-adhesive layer composite; environmentally friendly polymer self-adhesive layer resistance aging performance is greatly improved, than general polymer membrane layer of the aging properties of more superior.

2 product features

1, non advantages of pitch based high polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane both polymer waterproofing membrane and self adhered membrane and greatly improve the puncture resistance, self-healing, resistance to high and low temperature performance and chemical performance more stable;

2, Yinhai - pitch based high polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membranes with self-adhesive construction technology, construction is more convenient;

3, the self-adhesive layer by the company to develop environmental polymer adhesive and ageing resistant performance is greatly improved, to ensure the adhesive effect of permanent;

Asphalt base polymer self-adhesive membrane achieved high polymer sheet not channeling water may be 4, Yinhai;

5, safety and environmental protection; polymer substrate and adhesive material, environmental protection formula adopts harmless, non-toxic and pollution-free.

construction method

According to the different requirements of engineering structure, engineering category, engineering design, and the use of standard, the construction method of wet paving or pre laying (tunnel hanging) can be chosen.

Primary treatment: clean up the surface of the base, the base layer can be wet, but can not have mingshui. Such as dry grass to be wet. Preparation of plain cement slurry, cement (not less than 32.5 R-rated ordinary silicate cement) in direct water cement water =1:0.3~0.4 (weight ratio, according to the actual situation of the reasonable investigation), with an electric mixer mixing 1 ~ 2min, mix static 5~8min.

Coil paste: with a trowel or scraper will be mixing cement pigment paste evenly coated scraping at the grass-roots level, side coated scraping will self adhered polymer waterproofing membrane affixed to the top, and the exhaust compaction.

Seam paste: roll seam by cold adhesive method. Adjacent short seam should be staggered over 1m; long side seam construction, tear to seam adhesive side of the reserved isolation belt, paste alignment mark line directly paste; then with the special sealant strengthen the sealing head processing (overlapping part can use hot air welding).

scope of application

1, roofing, basement, underground garage, civil air defense and other construction projects;

2, reservoirs, dams, cofferdam, channels and other water conservancy projects;

3, bridges, subways, highways, bridges and other traffic engineering;

4, Roof garden, planting roof, garden and other green projects.

Transportation and storage

1) storage and transportation, the different types and specifications of the products should be stacked, should not be mixed. Avoid the sun and rain, pay attention to ventilation. Storage temperature should not be higher than 45 degrees Celsius, flat storage and stacking height of not more than 5 layers, stacked with a single layer, prohibit the contact with acid, alkali, oil and organic solvents, etc..

2) against transport inclined or horizontal pressure, when necessary with tarpaulin.

3) under normal conditions of storage and transportation, the storage period is 1 years from the date of production.

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