Modified asphalt
Bridge for modified asphalt waterproofing membrane

Product information: Product Overview

Bridge with modified asphalt waterproof coiled material is polyester felt fetal, styrene butadiene styrene (SBS) thermal plastic elastomer and atactic polypropylene or atactic polyolefin (APP) plastic body used as modifying agent, both sides covered with fine sand, polyethylene film, mineral aggregates such as isolation materials made of can be curled sheet waterproof material.

product type

The product according to the construction mode is divided into (Z), hot melt adhesive (R) or hot melt adhesive (J) waterproofing construction.

] melt or hot melt adhesive waterproofing construction according to the changed to different materials for elastomer (SBS), plastic body (APP) modified asphalt waterproof material.

Self-adhesive waterproofing membrane is whole has self viscous with SBS based join other polymer rubber modified asphalt waterproofing membrane.

APP modified asphalt waterproofing membrane paving asphalt layer according to the different form is divided into I, II.

Coiled material is fine sand (S).

Hot melt construction waterproof coiled material is divided into: polyethylene film (PE), fine sand (S).

The surface material of hot melt adhesive waterproofing construction for fine sand (S).


All - with APP / SBS characteristics.

] has high heat resistance, good shear resistance to high temperature, can guarantee high asphalt concrete paving waterproof layer can not be damaged.

Luo Jie - resistance ability, can withstand the equipment in the construction of the pellet and bare ground puncture.

The high tensile strength, high elongation, high bonding strength and concrete.

No bubble - layered, watertightness, repeatedly can withstand the driving and dynamic water pressure.

The acid and alkali, salt resistance is the freeze-thaw cycle effect.

The anti-aging and anti fatigue properties.

scope of application

SBS, APPl, self-adhesive coiled material is mainly used for paving asphalt concrete pavement. I I APP type of coiled material is mainly used for paving asphalt concrete mixture.

Storage instructions

The storage and transport, different types and specifications of the products should be put, should not be mixed. Avoid the sun and rain, pay attention to ventilation.

The hot melt or hot melt adhesive waterproof coil should be below 50 DEG C stand, the height does not exceed two.

- put only self-adhesive membrane monolayer can be flat, boxed. Height not more than five layers.

The normal transportation and storage conditions, the storage period from the date of manufacture for at least a year.

The engineering properties of bridge high iron special waterproof material

] bridge with modified asphalt waterproofing membrane, can withstand the construction of roller compacted asphalt concrete under high temperature, and hot asphalt concrete with bond strength is very strong, can transfer heavy traffic level of over load.

] bridge with modified asphalt waterproofing coiled material toughness large, of asphalt concrete with backing to strengthen the function, can effectively prevent the emergence and development of cracks in the asphalt concrete, the exercise of the comfort of the asphalt concrete pavement and prolong the service life of the vehicle are increased.

] bridge with modified asphalt waterproof coiled material waterproof performance: in the road and bridge the crack of asphalt concrete surface layer, pore water under the action of traffic load will produce great Qing tube water pressure effect, on the protection of reinforcement of reinforced concrete structure.

] bridge with modified asphalt waterproof coiled material strength, elongation, high and low temperature performance are superior to ordinary self-adhesive, SBS and APP waterproof rolling material, cut can not be ordinary self adhesive, SBS, APP membrane for road.

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