Modified asphalt
Colorful asphalt tile

Product information: housing and office is the center and the pride of everyone's life, but also beautify the environment, improve the image of the city, and raise the level of the city standards, the unique design of the roof, the colorful asphalt shingles was the icing on the cake. The company participated in the drafting and preparation of the national standard of "glass fiber asphalt tile".

Product overview

Colorful asphalt shingles is the glass fiber matrix, by dip coating quality modified asphalt after, the surface is covered with colored mineral aggregates, the other side scatter to isolate material made of new tile shaped roofing sheet. Slope roof waterproof suitable for roof slope more than 20 degrees. Is a new type of waterproof decorative material which is widely used at home and abroad at present.

Specifications: length * width: 1000mm * 333mm, thickness is not less than 2.6mm

production characteristics

Due to the flexibility of the color asphalt tile, the color asphalt tile roof is suitable for various shapes of buildings, such as: curved, circular, and other types of roof.

Economy and construction: color asphalt tiles can be constructed in any climate condition, thereby reducing the construction cycle. Labor cost is saved, and due to the light weight of the roof. Thereby reducing the engineering cost for bearing. Reasonable cost and long service life of the color asphalt Wawu comprehensive economic indicators have a good mask.

Durable and low maintenance rate: the color asphalt tile itself has a long service life, ranging from 20 to 50 years. If installed correctly, the color asphalt tile roof maintenance even without little maintenance. Even if it is damaged, it is easy to repair.

Aesthetic style harmony: color asphalt tile integration of most of the architectural style, it provides a series of color choices to meet the requirements of different aesthetic taste. Color asphalt tile color can be used to fit and foil other building materials and natural color, such as brick or stone wall, coating and outer wall hanging plate of color, so that the environmental become more harmonious and beautiful.

product performance

All weather: color asphalt tile roof can resist sunlight, hot and cold, rain and cold weather and other factors caused by erosion.

And thermal insulation: color asphalt shingle roofing thermal conductivity low, blocking the heat in the summer from outside to inside of the conduction and in winter from the inside to the outside of the loss, colored asphalt shingle roofing can effectively absorb the raindrop impact, environmental noise, thus ensuring the top-level households quiet and comfortable life.

- corrosion resistance: color asphalt tile roof will not be corroded in severe weather conditions, piebald phenomenon.

, dustproof self-cleaning: color asphalt shingle roofing not easy to accumulate dust and the formation of stains obvious, even in the long rainy season use conditions will accumulate leave water stains, after rain washed will become more clean Mingyan.

Construction requirements

Setup program

The first layer of asphalt tile

According to the order of successively laying asphalt shingles, along the boundary gable and eaves to ensure that the first layer of asphalt tile with the initial layer of asphalt tile edge alignment, asphalt shingles should be tightly connected together, but they can not produce extrusion, in accordance with the method of fixing the front of the hold asphalt shingles. The laying of the first layer is the most critical, in the process of laying constant check whether the asphalt tile and the horizontal line of the line, to ensure that this layer is very straight. The line that is aligned with the side of the first layer of the asphalt tile is used to ensure alignment of the decorative stitching.

Second layer asphalt tile

The first layer of the second side of asphalt tile should be the same in front of a layer of asphalt tile side staggered half leaves. Then down with a whole piece of asphalt shingles in turn down laying, the bottom of the second layer of asphalt tile should be with the first layer of asphalt tile decorative sewn to the top flush, this will is earlier laying asphalt shingles exposed using the bomb horizontal line the edge of the bottom of the asphalt tile eaves is parallel to the drain tile is tightly fixed with nails.

Third layer asphalt tile and continuation layer

First one of the three layers of asphalt tiles should be cut off the blade, making it with the second layer asphalt tile first a stagger, and asphalt tile bottom should be with the second asphalt tile decorative seam top terminal of the flush. And then down with the whole asphalt tiles in order to lay down.

Two Yin angle

Intersect roofing asphalt tile can be in two roof and gutter direction laying or a negative separate construction and are laid to the center line of the gutter 75mm at, spread two roofing asphalt shingles later again laying asphalt tiles of the gutter. Regardless of the manner in which, first along the edge of one of the roof eaves to laying the first layer of asphalt shingles and stretched across the gutter, make the layer at the end of a asphalt tile extends into the adjacent roof at least 300mm, and then along the eaves of the adjacent roof laying the first layer of asphalt shingles, also will extend to the gutter and lap to earlier laying asphalt tile, interwoven together, the asphalt shingles are pressed in the gutter, with fixed closed gutter fixation method of asphalt shingles.

Three ridge

Adjust the last layers of roof tiles can be covered by the top roof tile tile. Is a single tile ridge along the incision cut.

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