Special waterproof material for resistance root
Copper base modified asphalt waterproof coiled material

Product information: today in the rapid development of modernization, large and medium cities in the land resources is "Cuntucunjin", the green area is getting less and less. Development of the roof, the development of "sky garden" is imperative.

Modified asphalt copper base root resistant membrane: This is a top-level root block waterproof material. After copper vapor treatment, the base can reach the effect of root resistance, but it won't destroy the surrounding environment, but the root of the plant is in contact with the copper base, it will turn to look for other ways to continue to grow.

Chemical resistance root puncture waterproof material: This is a due to the chemical resistance of the root materials and modified asphalt mixture, the plant root in the distance waterproof coiled material 20mm thick, automatic steering continue to grow, unable to penetrate the waterproof layer, in order to guarantee building plant growth and waterproof effect.

[product features]

1, with waterproof and prevent plant root penetration dual function, able to withstand puncture plant roots, keep the waterproof function for a long time; which can prevent the root puncture and did not affect the plant normal growth.

2, can form the high strength waterproof layer, the resistance pressure water ability is strong, and puncture resistance, anti cough, tear resistance, resistance to fatigue;

3, the tensile strength is high, the thickness of the modified asphalt coating is large, and the adaptability of the basic shrinkage deformation and cracking is strong;

4, excellent high temperature performance, can be used in cold area;

5, corrosion resistance, mildew resistance, weather resistance;

6, hot melt construction, construction convenient and reliable and durable hot joints.

[performance index]

According to JC/T1075-2008 "standard for planting roof root resistant membrane".

[main use]

The plant root puncture layer is suitable for the planting roof and the roof of the underground building which needs to be green, and ensures that the root of the plant is not damaged by the structure of the following parts of the layer, and has the waterproof function.

[application scope]

Roof garden, underground garage roof, bridges, dams and other urgent need to waterproof and resistance to plant root growth.

[construction technology]

The construction level of the planting roof is more, the technical requirement is high, and it is a systematic project involving architecture, agriculture, forestry and horticulture.

1 vegetation layer: the planting of flowers and plants, vegetables, herbs, small shrubs, etc..

2 planting soil

The planting soil is the soil layer which is grown on the roof, and the soil is divided into three kinds: the garden soil, the soil, the soil and the soil.

3 filter layer

Between the planting soil and drainage layer, use the weight of not less than 250G / square meters of cloth, mat of mineral wool and other materials, water conservation and Green function will be planted soil because after the rain or watering excess water timely through the filter excluded to prevent plant for water sodden root. At the same time, the planting soil retained to avoid the loss of soil cultivation.

4 drainage layer

The drainage layer is made of light aggregate with concave convex drainage board, net interlaced drainage board or particle size less than 25mm, which has the function of drainage and water storage.

The 5 root resistant layer

To ensure that the roof is not worn by plant roots, must be in the ordinary waterproof layer with a root puncture of SBS modified asphalt anti root water-proof coiled material.

6 ordinary waterproof layer

In planting roof construction, in addition to the root resistance waterproof layer, should be in the lower part of the laying of coiled material or coating waterproof layer.

7 to find the slope layer

In order to facilitate the rapid removal of the planting roof water, to ensure the normal growth of the plant, it is advisable to use the structure to find the slope.

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