Special waterproof material for resistance root
With the root resistant membrane roof

Product information: planting roof with root resistance waterproof coiled material is with long fiber polyester fiber mat, special compound fetal copper base or fetal copper foil base for fetal membrane based, to add imported chemical root resistance agent SBS/APP modified asphalt is coated cover materials, both sides covered with polyethylene film, fine sand or mineral particle material is made of insulation material of modified bitumen membrane.

Has the following characteristics:

1. With waterproof and prevent plant root penetration dual function, able to withstand puncture plant roots, keep the waterproof function for a long time; which can prevent the root puncture, and does not affect the? The normal growth of plants.

2 can form high strength waterproof layer, the resistance pressure water ability is strong, and puncture resistance, resistance to break, tear resistance, resistance to fatigue;

3 the tensile strength is high, the thickness of the modified asphalt coating is large, and the adaptability to the shrinkage deformation and cracking of the base layer is strong;

4 excellent high temperature performance, hot and cold regions are applicable;

5 corrosion resistance, mold resistance, good weather resistance;

6 construction of hot melt method, convenient construction and hot joint reliability and durability.

[category] products including SBS/APP, change of Lek bronze base tyre root resistance waterproof coiled material and SBS/APP agent waterproof coiled material of four varieties of root chemical resistance of asphalt modification, the basic performance in line with the national standard GB18242 standard 18243 standard. The thickness of the membrane was 4.0mm. Required special specifications can be customized according to customer specific requirements!

The main application is suitable for planting roof and the roof of the underground building which needs to be green, and the plant root is used to ensure that the root of the plant is not damaged by the structure of the following parts of the layer, and has the waterproof function.

[tectonic system level and structural points] (graph display hierarchy) cropping system in general by the vegetation layer, planting soil, filtering water storage layer, drainage layer, protective layer, polymer waterproof layer of asphalt root puncture and ordinary SBS/APP modified bitumen waterproof layer, leveling layer, a heat preserving layer, the sloping layer, the layers of a plate structure composition

[waterproof construction points]

In primary treatment:

1 waterproof base must be clean, solid, dry, smooth (tan), etc..

2 Construction in the local uneven surface should be flat and smooth, edges and angles also need to wear (roll) circle.

3 to complete the construction of all the construction surface treatment agent, to be completely dry.

101 details additional waterproof layer details such as Yin and yang angle, gutter, eaves gutter, deformation joint and other parts according to the related standard, attaching an additional layer of special material.

General construction, waterproof layer construction: hot melt.

Root resistance waterproof layer construction, hot melt construction, construction method and common construction method of modified asphalt waterproofing membrane.

[construction matters needing attention]

1 snow and rain, more than five gale days without construction; construction of environmental temperature is below 0 DEG C.

2. A flame heater nozzle distance distance membrane surface should be moderate, heating in the width should be uniform, to coil surface melt to a high gloss black, not excessive heating coil.

3 construction site safety protection facilities, according to the provisions of the fire equipment.

[packing, storage and transportation]

1 packaging - plastic tape wrapped packaging.

2. Storage and transportation, storage and transportation should be stacked separately, to avoid the sun and rain, the storage temperature is not higher than 50 DEG C, transport and storage coil should stand is not more than two layers, to prevent inclined or horizontal pressure. Storage period: one year.

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