Special waterproof material for resistance root
Metal composite waterproof coiled material

Product information:

Metal polymer composite waterproofing membrane with a metal foil and a polymer material as the main raw material, extrusion production method by a composite process of metal foil, polymer materials and fabric strengthened layer of a composite of metal polymer composite waterproofing membrane. The middle layer is a metal foil (aluminum foil or copper foil), mainly to plant anti puncture functions, but also has waterproof anti permeability function.

The two sides or one side of the metal foil composite is a maleic anhydride grafted modified polyethylene resin layer, which mainly plays the role of water proofing, and the layer is also a function of resisting the puncture of the plant roots. Products of the lower layer is non-woven cloth layer and the layer direct composite in resin waterproof layer, use cement bonding material in the concrete structure of the grassroots, products and the basic structure as a whole, more effective to stop the strong impact of plant root puncture. The upper layer of the product growth characteristics and engineering for the actual situation in the different species, combined with different thickness of the non-woven cloth, blankets, etc., mainly to protect waterproof root resistance material, filter out sediment, prevent soil nutrient loss, excess water discharge and storage of water for plant growth.

Construction products with special supporting resistance waterproof root polymer adhesive added to cement in preparation of adhesive and cement base face bonding, bonding layer has the dual role of waterproof and block plant, when the damage to the waterproofing membrane had met with an accident, adhesive layer can also play a waterproof barrier root indeed role. This is the materials do not have, more effective to ensure the quality of engineering.

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