Self adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane
Double-sided self-adhesive waterproof coiled material

Product overview

Self-adhesive rubber bitumen waterproofing membrane is to SBS Elastomer and asphalt as base material, polyethylene film, aluminum foil for material surface or no film (double side self-adhesive), the anti sticking isolation layer self waterproof adhesive material. Self-adhesive rubber bitumen waterproofing membrane is a broad prospects for development of new building waterproof materials, has excellent not permeable, low temperature flexibility, extensibility, adhesion. In particular, it has self healing, which is generally not have the advantages of waterproof materials, can guarantee the waterproof engineering super waterproof quality.

Without binder, the separation layer can be firmly bonded to the base layer. Convenient construction and fast construction speed.

With rubber elasticity, elongation rate is excellent, can be very good to adapt to the deformation and cracking of the base.

With excellent adhesion to the grass roots, the adhesive force is often greater than the shear force, can be with concrete, rubber, plastic metal, wood bonding.

Self healing, that is, when the coil in the encounter puncture or hard objects embedded, it will automatically heal with these objects as a whole, to help can still maintain a good waterproof performance.

Construction safety, do not pollute the environment, construction is simple, easy to do the site civilization construction.

In addition to the main material, surface material polyethylene film has excellent water resistance and high strength (polyethylene polypropylene sheet that only this waterproof membrane), so water has double insurance.

Corrosion resistance: the web has good acid resistance, alkali resistance, chemical corrosion, has excellent aging resistance performance in various environments.

The bonding performance of coil and coil of the super lap, to ensure strict and reliable, a seamless heavenly robe.

scope of application

Applicable to industrial and civil building roofing, basement, swimming pool, reservoir, municipal engineering and a subway tunnel waterproof but also for timber structures and metal structure roofing waterproof project. It is especially suitable for the use of open flame oil depot, chemical plant, textile plant, grain and other waterproof engineering.

In material surface is divided into three: PE (polyethylene) on the surface of applicable in non exposed waterproofing; Al (aluminum foil surface) applicable in the waterproofing of the exposed; n (no membrane, namely double sided self-adhesive) for auxiliary waterproof engineering; and polymer water-proof coiled material compound use; according to the use function, divided into exposed water engineering (o) and non exposed water engineering.

Specification, size: 20m2, 10m2, 5m2 wide 920mm, 1000mm thick 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm.

Construction application

1, the basic requirements: waterproof layer should be the formation of a solid, no hollowing, loose, sand, peeling, no dust, lumber, oil, rust and other, grass-roots water ratio should be less than 9 percent.

2, node processing: Yanjiao, gutter, corner and outfall, deformation joints and other special parts with self-adhesive membrane do additional layer.

3, spray brush or spray special treatment agent, to be dry after the primary treatment, can be rolled.

4, lap width: long and short side lap width of 80mm.

5, horizontal tiles: first with ink line at the grassroots level on the pop-up a datum line and from low to high Putie, volume expansion, uncover the isolation paper, along a reference line paving, paving immediately with rubber roller.

6, vertical surface paving: vertical surface from the low to the high shop, the edge of the open side to open the isolation paper, paving with rubber roller compaction.

7, coiled material: head with sealant, and then fixed with metal strips, fixing screws and top stitch to seal.

8, non membrane waterproofing membrane and the use of the construction of high polymer.

9, waterproof protective layer: should be based on the "roof engineering technical specifications," the provisions of the protective layer.

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