Self adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane
Fast reaction strong cross membrane waterproof coiled material

material advantage

Rapid reaction stick strong cross film, self-adhesive waterproofing membrane is a by the special cross laminated high density polyethylene (HDPE) strong, thin films with high quality polymer adhesive rubber asphalt by special process of complex and high performance, cold construction of self-adhesive composite membrane waterproof coiled material, has good dimensional stability, thermal stability, anti ultraviolet performance and two-way resistant tearing performance.

main feature

The strength of double layered film, has higher tear strength and dimensional stability, the waterproof performance is better than the ordinary film.

The vertical and horizontal network structure design can effectively solve the non tire based HDPE polymer sheet after the construction of bulge phenomenon is easy to wrinkle.

] mask after technical processing, with the performance of anti ultraviolet radiation, even though the construction for a long time after exposure, will not affect the appearance of the product quality, time of up to six months.

- excellent high temperature performance, can adapt to climate change hot and cold regions. Excellent extension and tensile properties, to adapt to the deformation of the structure at the grassroots level.

The quality of pressure-sensitive self-healing reaction self-adhesive layer excellent and local water performance greatly reduce the probability of leakage locking.

We have a unique puncture resistance, self-healing and sustained anti tear performance, excellent water tightness of the screw rod.

] innovation method of choice, the laid dry, wet laid, empty shop and pre laying anti sticking method construction, reduce the labor intensity, more to meet the basic requirements.

1m-2m - wide selection, reduce overlap, construction faster, especially for large area construction.

The safety and environmental protection, construction of APF-3000 self adhered membrane for cold construction, friendly to the environment, eliminate the potential safety problems of construction.

scope of application

Basement, underground, tunnel, water pool, roof, underground garage roof planting green, Roof garden and other projects waterproof.

Performance comparison of performance comparison APF-3000 self adhered membrane and ordinary HDPE membrane and on the smooth degree and tear, performance is very obvious.

Transportation and storage

The material should be stored in dry and ventilated environment, prevent the sun and rain, damp.

The membrane of different categories and specifications shall be stacked separately, and shall be flat, stacking height should not exceed 5 layers.

The membrane transport should be flat, not tilt or cross pressure.

In normal conditions, the shelf life from the production date for a year.

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