Polymer class
Polyethylene waterproof

production characteristics

The product surface roughness and non-woven fiber was irregular cross structure, forming stereo mesh, a variety of materials suitable for bonding, especially with cement materials in solidification process in direct bonding, as long as no Mingshui can construction, its comprehensive performance is very good, high tensile strength, anti permeability strength, good low temperature flexibility, expansion coefficient is small, easy adhesion, friction coefficient can be directly arranged on the sand, stable and reliable performance. Is a non-toxic, pollution-free green products.

The product is applicable to industrial and civil building roofing waterproof, ground water, feel an upsurge of gas isolation and indoor wall ground moisture, toilet water, water pool, channel, bridge and culvert waterproof, impermeable, metallurgy, chemical industry anti pollution water.

Specification size

Specifications: 200g/m2-1200g/m2

Size: width 1200mm, 1500mm

Length: 100m/ volume, 50m/ volume

performance index

360 screenshots 20151030161355078.jpg

Operating procedures for acceptance and dissection of the grass-roots Zhao Pingceng - formulated adhesives (along with the preparation) - processing complex parts (yin and yang angle, cornice, drowning mouth, Guan Daokong and other parts) additional layer construction waterproof layer and waterproof layer test - protection layer construction and acceptance

Construction operation requirements

(1) paving waterproof coiled material base surface Zhao Pingceng must clean up, and sprinkler ensure grass-roots moist. (Note: roof waterproof layer shall conform to the provisions of the GB50207-94 "technical code for roof engineering", underground waterproof leveling layer should be consistent with the GBJ208-83 the underground waterproof engineering code for construction and acceptance of "provisions).

(2) containing cement weight 10% - 15% polyvinyl alcohol glue of preparing cement binder, mixing must be uniform, no precipitation, no clots, no segregation phenomenon can be.

(3) prior to the construction of the roof main waterproof layer, should be the focus and the structure of the complex structure of the detail section for sealing treatment and additional layer of the use of the coil material with the main waterproof layer of the same material.

(4) the sealing material adopts polyether type polyurethane. Such as the use of other sealing material should be does not contain mineral oil, Vaseline, etc. influence the properties of polyethylene chemical products.

(5) the corner should be added with additional layers; the Yin and yang angle and other places are made of R=20mm arc shape.

(6) waterproof coiled material shop paste should be the full shop law, adhesive coating on the base surface should be uniform, grinning, piling up; after brushing adhesive should be immediately paving material, prevent long time affecting the bond quality.

(7) shop affixed to the waterproof coiled material not wrinkle, not force stretched membrane, while laying welt exclude excess adhesive below the coil air and, ensure the coiled material and the base surface and each layer of coil between dense adhesion.

(8) the lap width of the paving waterproof coiled material shall not be less than 100mm.

(9) on the two layer and two adjacent coil joints should be staggered by 1/3.

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