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Waterproof knowledge

How to choose the expert weapon waterproof material

If you are a developer ever by the leakage of the real estate and encountered complaints to the owners? If you are one of the owners, whether they had ever been on top of the toilet water and troubled? These phenomena in the non normal, but because too common to be seen if the normal. Developers of waterproof lose confidence, people buy water house would shout fortunate, as it is a situation that is really acts call it is regrettable.

Waterproof project is an important part of the architectural design, but the design team is not enough emphasis on waterproof and lack of professional knowledge, resulting in unreasonable design, is one of the main reasons for the construction of large area leakage. Therefore, experts suggest that a reasonable design of waterproof engineering, two to choose the right waterproof material. Now, however, there are many kinds of waterproof materials, different shapes, different performance, different prices, different construction methods, therefore, the selected materials must meet the requirements of the project.

First, according to the geographical conditions of climatic conditions. Real estate development area is very strong, but in recent years many southern well-known real estate companies to enter the north often, the southern experience waterproof transplanted to the north, is bound to be acclimatized. Due to the South rainy, waterproof material, such as the selection of waterproof material, such as glass fiber, polyester tire modified asphalt coiled material or waterproof adhesive bonded polymer membrane. And cold in the north, especially in the snowy area, some waterproof materials by cyclic variation of frost heaving of low temperature contraction, premature aging and fracture. So these areas should be made of SBS modified asphalt coiled material or welding seam polymer membrane, if the choice of cold intolerance waterproof materials, should be inverted roof.

Secondly, different parts of buildings, for waterproof material is not the same, but local construction materials. In a building, roof, wall, underground construction and toilet water is essential to the bathroom.

As a result of the roof waterproof layer is exposed outside, sun and rain, wind and rain, so to choose the high tensile strength, extension rate, aging resistance and good waterproof material. Such as polyester tire polymer modified asphalt coil, EPDM, P type PVC Juancai, seam welding, JT-803 self adhered rubber modified asphalt waterproofing membrane, one component polyurethane coating (protective layer) and so on.

The wall leakage, because now the wall is too thin, lightweight block masonry, a large number of home and abroad through joint, door and window frame and wall junction, Mifengbuyan, rain penetrated into the gap. So the wall waterproof can not use waterproof coiled material, can only use elastic waterproof coating, and the combination of external decoration materials. The installation frame also have seam sealing paste. AT-708 (B) chloroprene latex waterproof mortar is currently doing waterproof wall, especially waterproof wall relatively high-quality materials.

Underground waterproof layer is soaked in water or very wet soil for many years, waterproof material must be good water resistance. The application of thick floor waterproof layer and waterproof material, certain resistance ability of thorn. If the choice of synthetic polymer membranes, the most suitable welding seam. The use of adhesive joint, the adhesive must be good, otherwise we can not choose the best material. The use of waterproof coating should be careful, 911 polyurethane waterproof coating AT-108 (non tar type) is a good choice.

Toilet bath can not be used for waterproofing membrane, only the best paint, paint in the cement based acrylic coatings (AT-408) or K11 universal (AT-308) for the most appropriate, can be firmly above the paste. Because the toilet and bathroom way not by nature climate impact, no change in temperature, the extension of the material rate requirements is not high; and secondly, the area is small, yin and yang angle, wear floor pipe, Sunline metope waterproof layer ceramic tiles affixed, and binder affinity performance is good. (in the floor tube and the angle of the Yin and Yang of multi use K11 flexibility (AT-208) first to do reinforcement and waterproofing treatment.

In addition, the use of waterproof material is also considered the need for building functions. For example, some of the roof planting flowers, green environment, due to the strong penetration of plant roots, waterproof layer in addition to corrosion resistance to soak, but also have the ability to resist puncture. This situation should be polyethylene geotechnical membrane (welding seam), PVC Juancai (welding seams), Pb Sn alloy membrane, anti rooting of modified bitumen membrane.

If the roof for entertainment and industrial sites, such as dance, ball games, sightseeing platform, the waterproof layer should be laying bulk protective layer. Waterproof material does not need to be filled with. The membrane elongation requirements is not high, but the material aging resistant performance requirements are relatively high, a variety of coating can be used, as a combination of rigid flexible composite waterproof. AT-008 one component polyurethane waterproof coating is used for roofing anti-aging effect is very good.

Waterproof experts pointed out that the choice of waterproof materials, must be combined with reasonable design. Some projects selected foreign brands of products, the price is expensive, but there is still a leak. Some engineering, material selection is the lowest of inferior quality products, has just started, there is no leakage phenomenon, a few years later the waterproof effect is difficult to guarantee.

There are several conditions for waterproof material quality evaluation: good physical properties of materials, such as tensile strength, fracture elongation, high temperature resistance, low resistance to tender, not permeable and aging index were better, the operation is convenient wait for an advantage, than the same type of material feeding is better.

Two is the construction of a particular part of the waterproof adaptability. For example, a large area of the roof is covered with a large roof, used in toilet and bathroom and wall waterproofing, it is powerless, the use of paint will be handy. The area is small, the base is more useless paint bump. Another example of concrete rigid waterproofing, the most suitable

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