Coating class
Polymer cement (JS) waterproof coating

Product overview

JS composite waterproof coating is a green environmental protection waterproof paint, is a national recommended residential building waterproof paint. The material is by organic liquid material and inorganic powder material composite and two-component waterproof coating, has the dual characteristics of the high elasticity of organic materials and inorganic materials durability is good, the film can be formed high strength and tenacity of the waterproof coating.

production characteristics

The direct construction of various materials in wet or dry grass, not flow elevation;

The coating has high strength and toughness, water resistance, weatherability, excellent durability;

It can add pigment, forming a color coating;

The water paint, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, environmental protection;

It has the advantages of simple construction, short construction period, construction on wet base, strong adhesive force;

The coating has a certain permeability, moisture does not occur even if the grass bulge waterproof layer.

scope of application

JS composite waterproof coating can be in wet or dry masonry, mortar, concrete, metal, wood, hard plastic, glass, gypsum board, foam board, asphalt, rubber, SBS membrane, APP membrane, polyurethane and other foundation construction, industrial and domestic new and old buildings (for example: houses, walls, underground, tunnels, bridges, ponds, reservoirs, bathrooms, kitchens) can be used.

construction technology

Primary treatment:

The base surface should be clean, smooth, no sharp objects, solid dust and water, oil;

The Yin and yang angle and pipe root should be made into a circular arc shape, corner radius is larger than 25mm, corner radius is larger than 5mm;

The uneven and cracks before leveling, leakage before plugging treatment.


] if need to add water, first in the feed water, side with the agitator stirring while slowly adding powder, stirring 5 minutes, mixing evenly till material does not contain aggregate, with good material should be used up within 2 hours, otherwise the viscosity increases will affect the construction.

] coating weight ratio method according to the product packaging, marking the ratio of ingredients, adding amount of water can be adjusted to the appropriate level, in order to adjust the coating viscosity meet elevation and plane in different parts of the construction.

Detail additional waterproof layer

] in the embedded groove filling sealing material, in Yin and yang angle, the roots of detail should be many times (2-4 times) for brushing and underground engineering should be paving a layer of the carcass reinforcing material.

Construction of large surface waterproof layer

Large area construction waterproof coating should be painted over the rinse, generally 4 brushing, brushing by 5 layers of special engineering. Each layer of brushing time interval is generally 8 hours, winter to extend, the over coating should be thin coating to it is appropriate, after each over the film thickness to 0.4 0.5 mm for good, too thick coating amount about 0.8kg/m2, not again, facade construction to not add water or less water as well, so as not to paint flowed, resulting in vertical thickness is not easy to reach the designed thickness and also lead to Yin and yang angle packing material thickness, crack. Overlay of matrix material, matrix must be paved, with no fold, lap of not less than 100mm, construction to besmear again paint, paved above and then brushing over coating. After the completion of the film waterproof layer after passing the acceptance, to deal with the finished product protection.

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