Coating class
Cement based permeable crystalline waterproof material

Product overview

The cement based permeable crystalline waterproof material is a grey powdery material prepared by the addition of ordinary portland cement as the base material into the active chemical composition. Cement based permeable crystallization type waterproof material, waterproof mechanism of it is mainly made of porous, under the action of water, the waterproof material containing active chemical substances, taking water as the carrier, with the infiltration of water to pore structure, chemical active substances with water penetration into the internal and the reaction of ettringite formation and insoluble crystals, its active chemical substances and unhydrated cement particles hydration reaction and promote hydration of cement, cement hydration crystal formation, generate a large number of crystal filling, plugging the pores, so that the water can not enter the concrete, so as to achieve the purpose of water-proof.

Cement based permeable crystallization type waterproof material, due to good bonding, both light base and the base plane of the hair, the back surface of the water and meet the water, dry surface and wet surface or flood surface did not influence the effect of construction.

production characteristics

- this product is non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly products.

Having waterproof function for a long time

Having two times the impermeability and self-healing ability

It has the effect of anti-aging, corrosion protection of steel

The construction is simple

construction method

knife coating process

- clean waterproof coating on the surface of floating debris and mud mortar, concrete base for serious uneven repair.

] on cement based concrete structure anti greasy dirt on the surface of the water, debris eradicate clean up, and then wash with water, on the wet surface of brushing the construction waterproof material.

] if it is found that the surface has a serious leak, should be first by plugging construction materials, and use of this material, in order to ensure the engineering quality.

The water cement ratio is 0.3-0.4:1, dosage in 1.4-1.7kg/m2. thickness of 1.0mm (+ 0.05mm) as the standard.

roll coating process

The material according to the dosage of 1.4-1.7kg/m2 for uniform rolling in the face after treatment.

Dry withdrawal method

In the concrete pouring of dense compacted flat (not completely after concrete construction, before setting). In accordance with the provisions of the amount of evenly spread in the concrete surface, timely compaction of the cast light. After final setting check whether there is bad construction and timely repair;

- if in the exposure of cases, shall sprinkle maintenance. Pay attention to spray evenly, not cut corners.

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