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Difference between old and new waterproof materials

Before the building waterproof material is usually paper base petroleum asphalt felt, asphalt waterproof coating material. This kind of waterproof material exists on the temperature sensitive, tensile strength and elongation rate low, aging resistance performance disadvantages: especially used for waterproof engineering of exposure, high and low temperature performance is not good, easy to cause the aging, cracking, deformation and fracture and rotting phenomenon: this kind of waterproof material orders although has stipulated the waterproofing for the four felt three oil, to prolong the durability, but increase the thickness of the waterproof layer, but also increase the labor intensity of the workers. Especially for the roof shape complex, more protruding part of the roof of the roof, the construction is very difficult, it is difficult to guarantee quality of, also increased the difficulty of maintenance: the traditional petroleum asphalt paper tire sleeve felt in small and medium-sized cities used as waterproof layer ratio is still great, even with glass cloth linoleum, glass fibre tyre linoleum, accounted for the waterproof material of our country about 85%.

New waterproof materials, "new" in general, there are two meanings, one is the practice of new, and the other is the new material. Improve the performance of traditional building waterproof material and improve the waterproof function, the traditional waterproof materials become waterproof "new" material and is an effective way, such as the asphalt for catalytic oxidation treatment, the asphalt at low temperature cold brittleness has been fundamental changes, make high quality oxidized asphalt, the performance of fetal asphalt felt paper has been greatly improved, on this basis with glass cloth tire and glass fibre tyre to gradually replace paper births, thus further overcomes the low fetal paper strength, elongation, oil on the shortcomings of low, improve the quality of the lek arm felt. However, the performance index by improving traditional building waterproof materials and improve its waterproof function, make it become the "new" waterproof materials in this way is not enough, in order to improve the current situation of China's waterproofing project as soon as possible, the Ministry of construction has taken a series of comprehensive management measures, formulate the development, popularization and application of new building waterproof materials waterproof construction technology and new policies and regulations. In 1986 issued (Architecture policy making > "improve asphalt waterproof material and waterproof coating quality, development center, high-grade waterproof material, waterproof coating and sealing with the sealing material," seven five "during the key development of waterproof and fireproof and insulation materials of new varieties. And carry out a comprehensive application technology research and development work, establish and develop the product series, standard and application procedures, after 10 years of general chase reached the international level in the 70's, 80" The development of new waterproof materials for building waterproof in our country has pointed out the direction and the development goal, which has already been realized. After more than 10 years of joint efforts, a large number of varieties of Xia, a wide range of new waterproof material has been developed successfully, and has been put into use, has made gratifying achievements.

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