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Application of waterproof material in underground engineering

Underground leakage problem has been a thorny problem in underground waterproof engineering, from the observation of the water leakage phenomenon, water is permeated through the "hole", "joint", it must use waterproof materials on the fortification level of "hole" and "sew" fortified, prevent water from the "holes" in the "seam" in the. Kong Youmao hole and the small hole, fine seam crack and the dynamic change of visible seam. When not only to prevent penetration, but also for durability, when the external damage should not appear leakage.

Waterproof material and waterproof layer

The laying of a waterproof material with a certain ability to waterproof, does not mean that the waterproof layer, it is only a part of the waterproof layer. Waterproof material is like a cloth or button, zipper, and waterproof layer is clothing, waterproof design and construction is the tailor. Waterproof layer should be based on the characteristics of the waterproof body (human body), to meet the various requirements of waterproof main body. In addition to meet the basic functions of waterproof, should also have can resist deformation strength and elongation properties, resistant to high temperature aging and cold brittle properties, but also have resistance to puncture, extrusion and resistance corrosion performance, and performance and basic bond, so many properties of a single material (cloth or buttons) is often not possible fully equipped, so the waterproof layer (tailor) need to choose a variety of materials (clothes), in order to adapt to the subject (human) waterproof function, if there is a single material (cloth) will fully adapt to the main fortification function, so it can be a single material laying waterproof waterproof layer, but a lot of the main characters. All materials can adapt to all kinds of the main requirements is not easy, so currently, to choose a variety of waterproof material with the composition of waterproof layer need to adapt to the subject Become waterproof layer. The sole waterproofing materials (cloth) and waterproof layer (Garment)) are two different concepts, not to be confused with the, now many people be confused is wrong.

Two, waterproof design principles and standards

The underground engineering has a thick, strong reinforced concrete structure, the use of structural concrete, increase the limited cost, you can get a good waterproof concrete. The waterproof concrete has the very strong waterproof ability, can achieve the anti seepage grade, this is any other waterproof materials. But it is a multicomponent wet construction work products, as a result of the construction needs, must add extra water. When the water evaporates, the remaining many pores formed seepage passage. In addition to the conditions of wet work site, it is difficult to achieve the perfect one hundred percent, there are local holes, holes are realistic, there is no ability to completely overcome. In addition, due to the water evaporation and temperature difference, the concrete in the hardening process of shrinkage and deformation, so that the formation of micro cracks and even larger through the seam. In order to prevent the waterproof concrete pores, holes and cracks seepage should be in the structure of waterproof concrete to meet the water should be set additional waterproof layer, the waterproof layer should be is flexible or toughness, to compensate for the shortcomings of waterproof concrete, so underground engineering waterproof layer design should be based on waterproof concrete, and additional waterproof layer closed layer and the main waterproof layer. In our country, the technical code for waterproofing of underground works has made special provisions on the waterproof of underground engineering structure:

(1) waterproofing design of underground works should follow the principle of "prevention first, prevention and drainage combined with local conditions, comprehensive treatment".

(2) waterproof engineering design should follow the "prevention and drainage combination", "welcome to the defense" principle, and the use of "multi-channel fortification", "composite waterproof", "node seal" and other measures. Underground waterproof layer is a long-term immersion in water, in the environment of moisture and water penetration, and often has a certain water pressure, waterproof layer buried in the ground with a permanent, non replacement, must be long-term durability.

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