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2015 six new type of waterproof material or will be popular

New building materials development soon, the continuous development of waterproof material, change is also very great, new waterproof materials should develop what products? According to the current domestic and international development trend of waterproof materials, summed up the following six new type of waterproof material or the popular building materials market in 2012:

Grouting material: reinforcement of foundation using cement based grouting material, structure reinforcement with cement with epoxy resin grouting material, especially low viscosity moist curing epoxy resin grouting material, waterproof plugging the super early strength of self leveling grouting cement and polyurethane, acrylate grouting material. According to different engineering conditions, the composite grouting technology is recommended. Prohibit the use of such toxic and polluting materials, such as coagulation.

Waterproof coating: to consolidate the application of polyurethane waterproof coating, polymer cement waterproof coating, cement based waterproof coating, advocate cement based permeable crystallization type waterproof materials and organic silicon waterproof coating, the development and application of spray polyurea - polyurethane waterproof coating, application of high solid content water asphalt waterproofing coating, promotion application of water-proof coating for Road and bridge and other special purpose waterproof coating. It is prohibited to use the contaminated coal tar waterproof coating.

Sealing material: consolidating applications acrylate sealing materials (MID), vigorously advocate the use of poly sulfur, silicone, polyurethane and other high-end sealing materials, actively study and application of sealing material of special bottom coating, to improve sealing material adhesion force and water resistance and durability. Prohibit the use of plastic ointment, PVC cement sealing material.

Waterproof thermal insulation material: consolidating applications extruded and molded polystyrene board and mortar exterior wall external insulation system, active promotion and application of spraying polyurethane rigid foam for thermal insulation and waterproof material, development of appropriate application of powder polystyrene particles insulation mortar system. The restriction of the use of expanded vermiculite and perlite expansion insulation material with high water absorption etc.. Prohibit the use of loose material insulation layer.

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