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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of coiled material waterproof and waterproof coating

Waterproof material development to today can be described under various names, flexible waterproof material, with its attached waterproof base in the form of classification, roughly divided into two categories, namely: coiled material waterproof and coating waterproof.

Ancient poet Du Fu in the description of the leaking roof had "night sticky wet what by Che" lament, visible roof leakage to bring the poor state. Then he went on to have "Andhra Guangsha 1 0000000, wind and rain do not move the mountain" wonderful imagination, now poet's beautiful buildings king has become reality, however, wind and rain still puzzled Guangsha thousands of builders. Waterproof material development to today can be described under various names, flexible waterproof material, with its attached waterproof base in the form of classification, roughly divided into two categories, namely: coiled material waterproof and coating waterproof.

However, waterproof material into waterproof layer, there is a key link in the middle of the Construction -- that is, the two processing of waterproof material. Waterproof material and waterproof paint what are the characteristics? Here is how to choose waterproof material and waterproof construction when the attention should be paid to the problem of thread the following the earliest traditional waterproof coiled material should be considered is the asphalt felt paper births, with asphalt felt waterproof layer must be with the construction of the asphalt binder, covered with sand and gravel: general practice is oil two felt or four oil three blankets, due to the large labor intensity of the above approach, construction technology is difficult to hold, preparation of asphalt produced large amounts of emissions on the environment pollution is serious, to not with fire place can not be construction, fire, and the scald accident prone, roof secondary maintenance difficulties, due to the above reasons, Lek table shows asphalt felt waterproof layer has basically been eliminated.

A new generation of waterproof material Zhuo step to lightweight, convenient construction, no environmental pollution, durable, beautiful color direction; and waterproof coiled materials have replaced by paper fetal felt -- rubber sheet -- laminating of asphalt roofing -- synthetic polymer waterproofing membrane; coating anti material water by modified emulsified asphalt -- plastic factice - polyurethane waterproof coating -- to the environmental protection type synthetic polymer color waterproof coating material development. Waterproof material to the current can be described as a wide variety, dazzling, in short the emergence and the application of all kinds of waterproof materials have advantages of its own, or the material is easy to get, or the end cost earn, or is not a low price but durable, or use a water-proof different; the selection of waterproof material factors besides cost, climate, geography, architecture, function, environmental protection and many other reasons, structure is an important factor; as for waterproof coiled material is not suitable for use waterproof paint for coating is not necessarily suitable for coil.

There are occasions is not suitable for use: basic waterproofing damp grassroots, poor drainage or perennial node location, uneven water and many prominent embedded parts base, the back surface of the water tank is waterproof, waterproof, long and large typhoon level regions; the following basic is not suitable for the waterproof coating: Wood waterproof. The bottom slope roofs waterproofing the advantages such as convenient construction, short construction period, after forming without maintenance, small environmental pollution is not affected by the temperature, layer thickness, easy to grasp the fortification requirements of timber, site management and construction of accurate calculation is convenient, not easy to be cut corners, layer thickness, air can effectively overcome the primary stress shop (to maintain overall waterproof layer at the grassroots level the effective crack when).

The defects such as waterproofing waterproofing membrane in waterproofing and when volume of cut clothing according to the waterproof base shape, for the complex shapes of grassroots need splicing, overlapping the bonded waterproof material is difficult, because many splicing effects of waterproof layer is beautiful; and absolute seal will become the main the biggest problem, the joint Water Leakage hidden is the most material and opportunity; and high-grade waterproofing membrane with durable durability for decades, but the domestic is still less binder matched and bonded materials, due to environmental factors such as their own tend to lose the binding function, which leads to the failure of waterproof will be self-evident third; waterproof protection during the construction and after Water Leakage repair after the problem is also exposed, waterproof layer in the outside of the external mechanical injury prevention ten Important, waterproofing materials and base bond whether it is full of shops, shop, a shop, shop space, between coil and base will be water, regardless of any part of the penetrating breakage, degumming, leakage of plastic (even if it is only one), the waterproof function of whole and phase coherence levels will be all bad loss, if you can not find a damaged and defective parts, local repair is impossible, then only the redo waterproof layer. For those with concrete protective layer of waterproof layer, although external mechanical puncture is no longer possible, but as along the ditch and other parts is not suitable for more protection layer; furthermore along the ditch and other parts because of sewer blockage of the reasons for the long-term seeper possibility is larger, during the waterproof layer of water tightness may not have the slightest defect; therefore along the ditch part waterproof coiled material the chances of success is smaller; along the channel due to the complex shape, tunnel, outlet parts of the sealing difficult, waterproof coiled material has become the key technology; and due to the ditch in the life and production of waste water of crystallization along the, the harmful components accelerated roll bonding material decomposition, aging, or even failure.

In summary, waterproof coiled material defects is not equal to it's an incurable disease, we proposed and face up to it, find out a solution to solve the problem; such as access to high quality and durability of the binder to solve the bond strength and bond aging problem and patience careful construction to overcome bonded sealing problems, the use of multiple protection and with coating compound use waterproof layer, in order to solve

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