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Self-adhesive waterproofing membranes will be widely used

Environmental regulations and insurance policies will play a more and more important role in the selection of the type and application of roofing materials. Self-adhesive modified asphalt roofing and self-adhesive thermal plastic sheet listing, is because taking into account security issues on the hot asphalt and hot melt method is used, but also because of environmental problems related to the solvent cold adhesive. This article will introduce some of the technical features of the system to the contractor.

1 the advantages of self adhered membrane

For the contractor, self-adhesive membrane has the following advantages: first, they meet the requirements of environmental protection, safe now. This kind of coil in use without heating, no volatile organic substances, the use of safety. Secondly, the installation is simple, the labor intensity is small. Construction only three steps: the first step, in the surface coil spread; the second step, tore off the isolation membrane, coil is glued on the surface; the third step, according to the same method of laying, end of lap seams and according to the manufacturer's requirements construction.

The characteristics of 2 self-adhesive modified asphalt

Changing asphalt roofing and have been used in the United States for nearly 25 years, now the technology has been developed to use don't need fire and heating, but the use of cold sticky construction method, namely self adhered membrane technology.

In the past, low temperature environment is not suitable for the use of self adhered membrane, which limits the application of self adhered membrane. In recent years, the continuous development of technology progress, self-adhesive membrane has been successfully break the resistance. Such as by self adhesive polymer styrene isoprene styrene (SIS) and other additives and resin together with SBS mixture made of self adhered polymer membrane, such a formulation makes the material with good adhesion and long-term high peel strength, has proper glue viscosity at low temperatures.

In the correct laying, self-adhesive membrane adhesive that need not as cold curing time. Self adhered membrane can be used directly on the treated surface, immediately will be able to achieve initial peel strength, can complete the waterproof construction under the environment temperature. Most manufacturers use the requirements of self adhered membrane is higher than 10 degrees Celsius under ambient temperature. Usually in the air, sunlight or other external heating effect, a few days after the lap will reach the maximum peel strength.

The characteristics of 3 self-adhesive TPO

Some of the thermoplastic materials manufacturers have begun production of self-adhesive membrane TPO. The self-adhesive layer of special component of the coil is located in the production process of the bottom, covered a layer of isolation film. Its use and self-adhesive modified asphalt coil similar: clean the face for laying, rolled coil in the appropriate position, tore off the isolation membrane, coil sticky on the surface, all the edge, joints and roof needs through the roller to increase bond strength.

The most important advantage of this method is that it does not contain solvents, no volatile organic compounds, and reduces the probability of dust particles. Some states in the United States, environmental issues affect the use of some solvents, especially single layer of adhesive, a single manufacturer must be filled with new bonding methods to study.

Self-adhesive methods to protect the more uniform construction speed. It eliminates the problem of insufficient adhesion or insufficient adhesive, and reduces the relative wind problem. Because there is no need for solidifying time, self-adhesive construction method with small labor intensity and speed of construction. A manufacturer says the method is 50 times faster than the tape seam method and is 5 times faster than the water-based binder, which is 3 times faster than the oil based binder.

4 is required for the construction of the clean is very important.

The surface of the product dust, dirt or any other debris must be removed before construction. Even very small particles of mud, will have a negative impact on the self adhered membrane and the dust particles will impede the complete bond in dust particles gradually lead to bond failure. This limits the self-adhesive coiled material in the use of wind dust weather, especially after the demolition of the old roof dust and residue more refurbished surface should pay more attention.

The use of self adhered membrane and the temperature limit must be higher than 10 degrees Celsius at ambient temperature when using. This significantly limits its use throughout the year in many parts of the United States. Because self adhered membrane at low temperature bonding is not good, self-adhesive mixture becomes increasingly hard, obviously reducing the contact, the result is coiled material is difficult to stick on the surface, after the roll will only take air into the membrane and the basal plane between.

In order to get the best waterproofing effect, the coil must be used within the temperature range allowed by the manufacturer, and should be laid in accordance with the manufacturer's construction requirements.

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