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Waterproof knowledge

Bathroom waterproof process

1, with the branch of the first waterproof brush waterproof coating. Before construction to ensure that the site clean, dry, waterproof coating to be painted full, no omission, and the basic combination of solid, no crack, no bubble, no shedding phenomenon. Brushing a high degree of consistency, thickness to achieve product requirements.

2, brush second times waterproof paint. Note that the first, second times between waterproof paint need to have a certain time interval, to be dry after the first pass through the paint can be carried out second times, depending on the specific time depending on the paint. Time interval is too short, waterproof effect will be greatly reduced.

3, shop protective layer. In order to prevent the construction of the waterproof layer, the waterproof layer should be covered with protective layer on the surface of waterproof coating. The protection layer should completely cover the waterproof layer, no omission, and the basic combination of solid, no crack, no bubble, no shedding phenomenon.

4, closed water test. Closed water test, the highest point of the ground water can not be less than 2 cm, save for at least 24 hours, no leakage phenomenon is considered qualified. If there is leakage, do not need to redo, not negligence.

Base treatment, cleaning, leveling layer, the bonding layer, detail additional layer, acrylic acid waterproof layer, storage test, protection layer construction, secondary storage experiment.

1, to review the elevation of kitchen and toilet, pay special attention to the correct position of floor elevation.

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Bathroom waterproof details

1, to ensure that the toilet ground is more stable. If you need to replace the bathroom tiles, after the original brick chisel to, be sure to first leveling the ground with cement mortar, and then do waterproof processing. This can avoid the leakage of waterproof coating caused by uneven thickness.

2, the joints should be put in place. The seam between the ground of toilet wall and joint of upper and lower water pipe and ground, it is the place with the most easy occurrence problem.

3, wall treatment is also very important. In general bathrooms waterproofing treatment, the walls also be approximately 30 cm high waterproof coating to prevent water spread through the wall. But if the toilet is not load-bearing walls of light body wall, the whole wall will be covered with waterproof paint.

4, waterproof test must be done. After the toilet construction is completed, all the water in the toilet blocked, and in the doorway to build a 25 cm high ridge, and then poured into the toilet 20 cm high water.

5, keep the water open. All the water pipes in the bathroom, including floor drain, sanitary sewer pipe, must remain open.

Notice of waterproof toilet

1, to do the leveling layer. First of all, to use cement mortar will be flat (especially the re decoration of the house), and then do waterproofing treatment. This can avoid the leakage of waterproof coating caused by uneven thickness or piercing waterproofing materials.

2, to do a good job of key parts. The joint between the wall and the ground and the joint between the upper and lower water pipes and the ground is the most prone to problems. So these parts must pay extra attention to the treatment must be careful, can not have the slightest careless.

3, to do a waterproof wall. In order to achieve better waterproof effect, general bathroom walls to do waterproof processing of about 30 cm high, prevent water seeping through walls. Adjacent to the bathtub wall, the height of the water treatment is also higher than the bath along some of the shower to reach the height of 180cm.

4, to do waterproof test. Waterproof construction is completed, the toilet all the sewer blocked, the water injection test. 24 hours after the inspection, if the bathroom around the walls and the ground without leakage phenomenon shows that the quality of the toilet water is very good. On the other hand, to find the leak repair.

Waterproof building materials used in bathrooms

Pouring reinforced concrete floor slab.

Two, 1:3 cement mortar sloping layer, the thinnest thickness of 20MM, the slope to the floor drain, a smooth.

The kitchen, a special waterproof slurry three.

Four 30MM thick, dry layer of cement mortar.

Waterproof construction practices

1, ground treatment

Before the waterproof processing must first leveling the ground, if uneven ground or the effect is not good may caused by Bohou waterproofing paint uneven and lead to the crack and leakage. Floor drain, in the corner, tube and joints to use the high elasticity flexible waterproof coating, because the bathroom walls and the ground between the seams will shift most vulnerable to water seepage.

2, metope processing

Metope processing to do about 30cm high waterproof coating, to prevent water infiltration wall damp, if the bathroom has shower room should be waterproof do 180cm, if has a bath, and bath adjacent wall waterproof height should be over the bath height 30cm.

3, waterproof layer to stay after a certain period of time, so that the waterproof layer and the construction of a better integration, and then in the waterproof layer on the floor tiles, construction, the construction process, but do not be careless. To protect the waterproof layer as much as possible.

4, waterproof is hidden works, the following construction may also destroy the waterproof layer, if the tiles have been laying is completed, can never smashing tiles, with professional fill joints waterproof material, the gap all blocked well water is good. The same applies to the toilet waterproof layer after the failure of waterproof engineering.

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