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How to solve the roof leaking?

If the housing leakage, first of all, should identify the cause of leakage. Generally speaking, roof leakage common the following problems: waterproof layer quality problems caused cracking and aging of the waterproof layer caused cracking, man-made destruction waterproof layer, or cracks on the structure; in the second step, the selection approach, the common treatment methods are: in the original waterproof layer to repair, the whole waterproof etc.; the third step, careful handling to avoid troubles, to remind the owners should choose the brand of waterproof materials, construction must be careful, comprehensive, cut can not have the luck to prevent further leakage. Below Chongqing waterproof company to talk about the solution to the roof leakage.

First, we should find the leakage point. If the leakage point crack is not long, and too much length not exceeding 5-6cm, the depth is not too deep 2-3cm, filling the available manpower pipe grouting material into. The problem of engineering roadblock of Wanbao pipe grouting material is by high strength mineral aggregate and cement as binder, supplemented by high flow, micro expansion, anti segregation of additives mixed cementitious powder component grouting material, and in the construction of adding water, after mixing can be used, and has the characteristics of good gravity, high strength, no shrinkage and rapid solidification, can quickly fill the gap and solve the nozzle, the foot machine, various types of anchoring roadblock is leibangshi the latest research and development of patent products.

Secondly, the use of flexible waterproof slurry coating. Orifice grout filling compacting with flexible waterproof slurry brushing, Wanbao flexible waterproof slurry with "Goju and economic" characteristics, both polymer coating of extension, and waterproof, also hydraulicity cementitious materials with high strength, good water resistance, easy and moist base bonding advantages. And flexibility is good, can resist the building structure of a slight vibration and a certain degree of displacement;

Third, the use of non-woven fabrics to reduce the structural movement of the waterproof layer. Plus a bubble over the flexible waterproof slurry in the cracks in the.

Fourth, make cement mortar protective layer. Use cement mortar in the dry solid waterproof layer on the coating to do the protective layer.

Need to be reminded that if after doing a good job of waterproof again in the same position cracking, and the crack exceed 0.4mm, belonging to the housing structure, and waterproof has nothing to do; if you can not find the leak, it is recommended that the whole roof re waterproofing.

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