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Identification of SBS waterproof coiled material

Market SBS waterproof coiled material variety, so many consumers dazzling, how can we buy the rest assured?

First, pay attention to the product name and packaging logo

According to product standards, product packaging should be marked on the product name, product mark, production date or batch number, production license number, storage and transport considerations, product marking

Should be in strict accordance with the standards, consistent with the product name, never talk ambiguously insufficiency and no production or mark mark. Users in the choice of these products, we must pay attention to product labeling, recognize

Product name, because it represents the identity of the product. For example: polyester non-woven cloth composite sheet - grid tire production, only the title of asphalt composite tyre flexible waterproofing membrane or complex

With tyre coil, but not SBS naming coil, its products can only be labeled according to the composite tyre marking standard.

Two, based on the identification of true and false SBS coil.

General from the cross product of visual and specific methods can buy products by hand tearing and observation section is exposed to the tyre base fiber, composite tyre torn section with grid cloth

At this point, it can be concluded that the product must be a composite tire, what kind of composite material with the use of the test - soluble content of the test to observe the exposed base

. But the pure polyester tire, the glass fiber tire only after the membrane tear section only has the polyester or the glass fiber to reveal.

Three, from the strict quality control.

From the visual appearance can only distinguish compound fetal membrane, but failed to solve the choice of whether the products meet the quality requirements. This requires the user to have to test the ability of technical institutions, press the corresponding

Physical performance test of the product standard for the soluble matter content, the content of the soluble content of the project to control the amount of asphalt and modifier, but also to reveal the

The true face of the base used by the product can be determined whether it is in conformity with the mark of the product.

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