Self adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane
Self adhered waterproofing membrane

Self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane is dominated by SBS polymer modified asphalt as base material, polyethylene film, aluminum foil for material surface or no film (double side self-adhesive), the anti sticking isolation layer of the self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, is a broad prospects for development of new building waterproof materials, with excellent not permeable, low temperature flexibility, extensibility and cohesiveness.

First, the performance characteristics:

1, without binder, not to be heated to melt, only removed the isolation layer can be firmly bonded on the substrate. Convenient construction and fast construction speed.

2, with rubber elasticity, the extension rate is excellent, can be very good to adapt to the deformation and cracking of the grassroots.

3, with excellent adhesion to the grass roots, the adhesive force is often greater than the shear force (outside the adhesive surface fracture).

4, self healing, that is, when the coil in the encounter puncture or hard objects embedded, it will automatically heal with these objects as a whole, it can still maintain a good waterproof performance.

5, construction safety, no pollution to the environment, construction is simple and clean, easy to do the construction of civilization.

6, in addition to the main material, the surface of polyethylene film also has excellent water resistance and high strength (polyethylene polypropylene sheet that only this waterproof membrane), so water is double insurance.

7, corrosion resistance, the membrane has good resistance to acid, alkali resistance, chemical corrosion (aluminum coil part of the surface of the exception), excellent aging properties.

Two, classification

Products according to whether or not to enhance the base of the base is no base (N category), polyester base (PY class).

N according to the material surface is divided into polyethylene film (PE), polyester film (PET), no film double side adhesive (D).

PY according to the material surface is divided into polyethylene film (PE), sand (S), no film double side adhesive (D).

Products according to the performance is divided into type II and type I, the thickness of the 2.0mm class PY only I type.

Three, specifications:

An area of 10 square meters, 15 square meters, 20 square meters, 30 square meters

Width: 1000mm, 2000mm

Thickness: N class: 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm; PY class 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm.

Four, mark

According to the product name, class, type, the upper surface materials, thickness, area, standard number sequence tag. Such as: 20 square meters, 2.0 mm thick polyethylene film surface type i n self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproof coiled material should be marked as: n I PE2.0 20GB23441-2009.

Six, the selection of key points

1, the application of industrial and civil buildings roofing, underground, indoor, municipal engineering and pools, swimming pool and a subway tunnel waterproof, but also for timber structures and metal structure roofing waterproof engineering, particularly applicable to inappropriate use of fire in oil depot, chemical plants, textile mills, grain and other and waterproof engineering.

2, PE class heat resistance is low, only applicable to the general and mid-range of the construction of the underground works and with a rigid waterproof layer of roofing waterproof layer, the roof should be used immediately as a protective layer.

3, when used alone, the thickness should not be less than 2mm, two or more of the fortification, the thickness of each layer should not be less than 1.5mm. Thickness 1.2mm and non film (N type) membrane used only as auxiliary waterproof.

Seven, construction technology

- process:

Primary treatment, coating substrate treatment agent, Western additional layer, large self adhered membrane paving, exhaust compaction (steel roller rolling) - lap construction to protect the isolation layer construction

- Basic cleaning:

The basic level should be conducive to the laying of the coil and paste, compaction and smooth, smooth surface, clean and dry, no dust oil, water content is not more than 9%.

Brushing or spraying the basic treatment agent: such as the basic level clean without dirt, can not use the basic treatment agent. Wooden iron can not base treatment level.

Detail node additional waterproof layer construction: the basic treatment agent after drying in a timely manner according to the relevant specifications or design requirements to do additional waterproof layer of the parts to be treated. To use the auxiliary burner of the coil is not easy to paste the details. General parts of the additional layer of the membrane should be glued to the basic level, the stress concentration parts supply in accordance with the norms of space shop.

Large self adhered membrane paving:

1. First coil alignment spread out in front of the base line, from one end of the coil (together with the isolation paper) uncovered, along the roll width midline fold, paper cutting knife will roll back the isolation paper gently gash, carefully torn a about

500mm, this paper will tear roll isolation alignment datum line paving location. Then uncover the half width coil re spread in place,; pull peeled off the release paper and forced right pull, slowly the half range membrane isolation paper all out, will be sticky membrane paving compaction. In accordance with the above method, the other half of a piece of adhesive sheet, pull the isolation paper at any time to pay attention to the integrity of the isolation paper, found tearing, breaking, should immediately stop pulling the shop, will tear off the remnants of the separation of the separation of the paper clean up, and then continue to work.

2 after the coil is pasted, press roller to roll from the middle part of the coiled material to both sides, and the air is discharged, so that the coil is firmly stuck on the base layer. Construction personnel should avoid contamination of the surface of the rolled sheet, so as not to affect the lap.

3 the width of the lap joint is not less than 100mm. Coil lap parts with a small hand press roll from the inside out of the rolling, discharge air, after the use of special sealing material sealing, sealing width of not less than 10mm.

4 coiled material should be coiled end cut together, into the reserved grooves, with special sealing material filling seal. Immediately the construction of steel nails with a nail seal, sealed with a special seal.

Construction of protective layer: waterproof layer construction is completed, the acceptance of qualified, with cement mortar or fine stone concrete as a protective layer.

Wet self-adhesive membrane construction technology

(applicable to the basement of the board, the side wall, the level of water content of more than 9% of the concrete base)

Process: clean the grass, humid, positioning, line - wipe cement sand slurry, nodes additional enhancement layer - the greater the noodle shop stick self-adhesive membrane - provided pulp, exhaust, overlapping edges paste - protection layer construction

1. Basic clean, moist: clean the dust and sundries on the surface of the base, the dry base surface should be pre sprinkler wetting, but can't have residual water.

2. Wipe cement slurry (sand), according to the Bureau has smooth conditions determine the thickness, attention should be paid to the compaction, smooth, in the shade horn place should be wiped into 50 mm above the arc shape. In the whole process of Pu wipe pay attention to ensure the smoothness.

3 node additional layer enhancement: in the node parts (such as the Yin and yang angle, corner, construction joints, after the cast strip, deformation joints, wall tube, etc.) should be done with an additional layer.

4. The large surface self adhered membrane Putie: to expose self adhered membrane under the surface of the insulating film, the coil tiles in plastering cement mortar base, the first piece of coiled material shop posted after re apply cement mortar, paving the second coil, and so on.

. provided plasma exhaust: beating the membrane surface with wood trowel or rubber plate, slurry and self adhered membrane surface accumulation of air will be discharged, tightly jointed together the sheet with cement mortar.

. overlapping edges paste: according to the actual situation at the scene, can choose paving material of overlapping edges paste or mortar passionate enough strength to overlapping edges paste; overlapping edges paste, the two pieces of sheet isolation film overlapping part to expose, upper coil flat posted on the lower layer coil, sheet lap width not less than 100mm.

7 protection layer construction: waterproof layer construction is completed, the acceptance of qualified, with cement mortar or fine stone concrete as a protective layer.

Storage and transportation

The material should be stored in dry and ventilated environment, prevent the sun and rain.

Roll - different specifications shall be stacked separately.

The coil should be packed flat, stacking height does not exceed 5.

In normal conditions, the storage date for one year (since the production date)

The membrane transport should be flat, not tilt or cross pressure, and prevent the sun and rain.

matters needing attention

Do not put material for non exposed type exposed environment.

Do not put on the floor of the frozen surface self-adhesive membrane.

Can not in the polluted base construction.

The self-adhesive membrane packaging and isolation of paper only before paving and paving is removed.

The sealant is unused, in a timely manner to tighten the sealed container.

The supporting materials of other manufacturers, without verification do not use in this product.

- suitable for coil construction temperature of 5 DEG ~35 deg. The air temperature is below 5 DEG C, adhesive sheet decreased, application of hot air heating bonding gun.

The construction should not be in the rain and snow and more than five gale weather.

The construction site safety protection facilities, fire fighting equipment placed in accordance with the provisions of.

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