Polymer class
DTM type composite polymer waterproof coiled material

DTM polyester composite waterproof coiled material is to ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) or thermal plastic elastomer (TPO) as the main material, membrane surface with special non-woven technology compound, construction on the European Xijian special binder, roll and cementitious material formed close waterproof layer, in order to achieve the perfect waterproof effect. The product conforms to the Q/320829OX002-2012 "the first part of the polymer waterproof material: the sheet" national standard.

production characteristics

1, the new import modified material to ensure the flexibility, strength and toughness.

2, to achieve the true sense of the full sticky construction effect, the full effect of science and technology to reach more than 95%.

3, the side wall construction without pre hang, directly to the shop.

4, DTM coil up and down the surface with a three-dimensional network of mutual wear structure, making and the binder has a good bonding effect, really reached the underground construction specifications 1.5N/mm.

5, the core layer and the composite layer can be very good mutual integration, significantly increase the composite strength.

Water content of 6, the construction of the base of no special requirements, no water can be construction.

7, DTM waterproof coiled material is very soft, flexible and easy to be good, easy to construction.

8, wide DTM waterproofing membrane can reduce the amount of overlap plane, saving material and labor costs.

9, with the special binder, to ensure the reliability of the construction.

Transportation and storage

1) storage and transportation, the different types and specifications of the products should be stacked, should not be mixed. Avoid the sun and rain, pay attention to ventilation. Storage temperature should not be higher than 45 degrees Celsius, flat storage and stacking height of not more than 5 layers, stacked with a single layer, prohibit the contact with acid, alkali, oil and organic solvents, etc..

2) against transport inclined or horizontal pressure, when necessary with tarpaulin.

3) under normal conditions of storage and transportation, the storage period is 1 years from the date of production.

construction method

This product is mainly used for efficient powder supporting agent construction. Convenient construction, water on the construction of the base surface of the rate of no special requirements, as long as there is no water to construction. Cement bond can directly penetrate into waterproofing membrane surface mesh, with cement solidified as one, a strong bond and permanent.

range of application

1, the product is suitable for construction, water conservancy, environmental protection and transportation and other fields of waterproof, waterproof, moisture, insulation and anti pollution engineering;

2, roofing, underground, toilet, bathroom and other construction projects;

3, reservoirs, dams, cofferdam, channels and other water conservancy projects;

4, landfill, sewage treatment plant, metallurgical and chemical pollution and other environmental engineering;

5, bridges, subways, highways, bridges and other traffic engineering;

6, Roof garden, planting roof, garden and other projects.

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